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Xàbia (Javea) in Alicante, Spain has just received the “Child-friendly Town” certificate awarded by UNICEF

Xàbia has received the certificate as a “Child-friendly Town” granted by UNICEF to local administrations who are committed to fulfilling the rights of girls, boys and adolescents in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Xàbia Town Hall applied for this seal officially in the course of a plenary session in December 2017 and as a result, UNICEF carried out a follow-up visiting the municipality to assess whether, in effect, its actions in relation to childhood and adolescence were adopted to the required standards, such as the promotion of child participation, the creation of municipal childhood plans, promoting policies for the benefit of children and promoting networking among the members of the initiative.

The Councillor for Children, Montse Villaverde, pointed out that Xàbia has been promoting these types of initiatives since 2011, such as the ‘Consell dels Xiquets’, the support for all the actions that encourage the involvement of schoolchildren in municipal life, the plan ‘Pas’, and the development of a strategic plan for children and adolescents in the municipality.

Obtaining the seal of a “Ciudad Amiga de la Infancia” is for Villaverde “in addition to great joy, great support and the motivation to continue working towards this goal, ensuring that children are not only the citizens of the future but of the present and who play an active part in local development “.

These awards, which reward administrations and governments that develop strategies for the well-being of children, defend their rights, encourage their participation and make cities more liveable environments especially for the youngest, will be presented on November 27th in Oviedo.


Link to Xabia Town Hall article here



Pop Up Playground concept launches in the UK

Pop Playgrounds are a great asset for your business, especially as these “instant” playgrounds can be quickly assembled and then later, dissembled and needs no floor installation or disruption. Each pop up playground is designed and customized using your play concepts and corporate colours, delivered in sections for easy storage and can be expanded at any time. They are a great attraction for families, creating a quieter and better ambience for all your visitors, allowing them to stay longer and increase revenue opportunities. A perfect solution to create an instant entertainment attraction to vacant or often forgotten areas.

The system is a modular playground in a size between 2 sqm to 30 sqm, quality manufactured in Sweden and sent to you in modules for easy installation. These great new playgrounds have already been installed in many of the IKEA outlets, across Europe and are now being launched in the UK market through ourselves.

Contact us at toysfortime: 01284 703071 or sales@toysfortime.co.uk.

Key benefits:

  • No need to fix to the floor (self supporting)
  • The playground is mobile and easy to move
  • It is expandable at any time
  • Has plenty of exciting and safe play activities
  • It can fit very little spaces
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • No loose parts
  • Long life and sustainable solution
  • Adaptable to your colour themes and styles
  • Prices start from as little as £3,950 + Vat and delivery (2m version).


Britain’s housebuilders should think about being child friendly

A recent report suggested that Housebuilders need to be more child-friendly and consider outdoor play spaces in their development designs rather than just an after thought.

The study: Making spaces for play: on new suburban and town developments used a new mapping approach to look at seven housing developments across England, including a number of well-known award-winning schemes

High scoring developments some children played continuously for several hours but on low scoring developments the number of children playing showed a tendency to decline for the longer periods of continuous play.

ZCD Architects Director Dinah Bornat said, “The analysis in this study shows that overall social use of space may increase by 50% or more on housing developments where child-friendly approaches to neighbourhood planning are incorporated, compared to those where such features are absent. In summary, design characteristics of neighbourhoods influence the amount of play observed

Source: Showhouse.co.uk

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