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New Product – Transparent LCD Showcases Can Increase Sales

Brand new product available through our TFT Technology division, www.tfttechnology.co.uk

The transparent LCD showcase technology is an emerging trend for companies wanting to display a wide range of physical products within a attractive and transparent showcases combines with breath taking video, images an dinstructions to lure that customer to the display.

These showcases use an entirely see-through LCD so that information, video, audio, text and company logos can all be displayed while the customer can still see the goods on display behind it. The screen also has touch screen functionality so that viewers can learn more about what is being displayed, find out about all of the different options and even order it all with the touch of a finger.One particularly good use for the transparent LCD showcase is for high value displays, including jewellery and mobile phones displays.

Stores can use them in the shop window to help draw shoppers’ attention to the store and the jewellery products that are available for sale. These unique showcases can also be used on countertops to help to draw shoppers inside.

The cutting edge technology can help to increase foot traffic, promote the brand, increase awareness of the store and even increase sales.Transparent LCDs are also extremely effective in boardrooms, airports, tradeshows, conferences, museums, science centers, art galleries and any number of retail locations.

This technology is perfectly suited to both retail and educational settings to provide information, sound, video and pictures to viewers. The transparent LCD is available in a huge range of sizes from 10” for smaller uses to 60” for larger locations. Currently, the most popular sizes being sold are the 12” and the 22” showcases. These

 technologies are available for purchase at extremely reasonable price points, allowing even smaller retail locations to take advantage of all they have to offer.These LCD solutions are also extremely easy to use. It features compatibility with a variety of video, audio and graphic formats and is set up for users to literally plug and play. Users can use CF, SD and USB card storage to set up the text, images and video to be displayed on the see- through LCD screen.This engaging technology is sure to be seen in an ever increasing variety of settings as people become more aware of the possibilities that it has to offer.Visit the Toys for Time. website at http://www.toysfortime.com.

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