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Interactive Floor Projection Display Technology can entertain Kids

The exciting Interactive projection Display technology is creating waves among children and businesses providing entertaining activities for children of all ages. The Innovative display solution provider TFT Technology based out of East Anglia, makes it easy for users to plug and play with amazing technologies.

Imagine your company branded image and interactive game of effect display on your entrance floor and as you walk on the display or make a movement the graphics start reacting for each of the moves creating visually amazing special effects. This technology can be easily used at leisure centres, reception areas, venue halls, wedding venues, playgrounds, shopping centers, dental clinics, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, schools and event centers anywhere to set up and use as required in a very short period of time.

One of the best selling solutions is a all in one system that just simply fixes to a ceiling, plug in and turn on. This all in one system differs from many offered by other suppliers as no complex and costing installation is required  as everything is contained with a secure metal casing (The projector, camera, receiver, emitter and computer).

The interactive display projection can help to attract visitors and make their experience more pleasant. All our systems can have numerous effects that can be customised and varied according to your own requirements.

It is especially useful in situations that might cause anxiety for children. This ingenious technology is so much fun for children that it can actually encourage them to go to a dentist or keep them busy for a long time at shopping centers while their parents shop peacefully. Children are stress free and having fun during the waiting time. This helps to calm both their nerves and those of their parents.

The interactive floor technology also makes it easy for children to play regardless of the weather outside.

There are numerous display options available on these systems which have children chasing objects off of a static image and even themed or seasonal displays such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc. The static image can also be easily set up to include your company image, brand or even an advert. The most popular activities are for children or even adults to have fun chasing fishes in the interactive pool application, play with football game, move butterflies, leaves or raindrops from the screen while the advertisement is revealed to the adults surrounding the screen on the floor. Branding or advertising in such a creative and unique manner can help retailers to drive up sales in a very cost-effective way.

About the Company:

TFT technology based in Suffolk, UK specialise in providing leading edge multi touch screen, interactive wall, floor projection systems, touch display showcases / display cases and gesture based systems for retail, trade shows, exhibitions, brand displays, waiting areas, receptions, visitor centres across the UK.

Our products also include touch display, interactive tables, interactive projection, digital signage, interactive walls, video showcases and transparent display cases that can be single sided, three sided, touch screen or 3D holographic with the capability of 3D, standard video and sound effects.

The products are perfect for busy retail, leisure and business environments where customer attraction, interaction and retention is vital. Other market sectors will no doubt also benefit by having huge vistor interaction in their museums, leisure centres or even healthcare waiting rooms.

More information can be found online at http://www.tfttechnology.co.uk  or www.toysfortime.com

Tel: 01359 231154


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