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New Trends in Old School Fun !

A fantastic new interactive electronic  wall panel game has been launched this week, that radically changes and updates the old favourite of a fairground shooting game with the modern light and sounds play panel of a Whack Attack wall, is this a trend for a return to more traditional games for our youngsters?

The return of Traditional games

Overall there seems to be a growing trend for the use and encouragement for children to return to playing more traditional games that the ir parents understood and loved so much. Reported in the Express newspaper (26th August 2012), there is a nationwide army of volunteers being created to launch free healthy activity classes in primary schools, called The Energy Club scheme, to be funded by the Cabinet Office to be run by parents and other volunteers trained especially for the fitness drive.

The activities will feature traditional games, such as Simon Says and tag. Initially, the £900,000 scheme will support 900 schools with the aim to roll out the sport activity scheme to a further 10,000 with help from businesses and the commercial sector.  [Read the review on the Playtronic Simon Says Electronic Panel TFA007006]

After Team GB’s record haul of Olympic golds, the new groups, to be launched next month, will introduce youngsters more used to playing on computers during school breaks to old-fashioned ball games and hula-hoop. The games will help children learn vital movement skills as well as hand-eye co-ordination, essential to most sports.

Traditional Board Games are getting technology-infused re-vamps

The recent trend in the uptake of more traditional board games that bring in family friendly gaming and a more family friendly culture are showing good trends, but these too are starting to combine the old favourite games with new technology to attract youngsters. Hasbro is gearing up its classic games Monopoly, Battleship and The Game of Life for a 21st century upgrade as it incorporates iOS apps into a fresh new way to play. Games such as Monopoly, The Game of Life and Battleship are getting a zAPPed edition makeover which utilizes an iOS device as one of the digital gameplay elements.

Let’s start with the classic game of capitalization and world domination. Monopoly zAPPed is an update to newer versions of the game which allows players to use a debit-card system rather than fake paper money. With an iOS device, the gadget acts as a virtual bank teller for players to tap their synched debit cards to earn or pay money according to gameplay

Is this just a UK or European trend?

But this is not just a UK or European trend as traditional games are also making a comeback in India according to the Times of India 27th August 2012. A parent R Yuganeswarai said. “We also feel sad that our present generation is not aware of these thrills but are tied to computer games. The school can also think about many more such traditional games that were lost over the period,”

It is important for businesses to start to consider the emerging generation that can easily combine traditional physical games with advanced electronics and interaction. My experience shows that, being a proud parent of a 12 year old, who can swop between his Facebook and still beat us at Monopoly, has an incredible thirst for traditional board games, yet loves electronic interactive and social network systems. To him, every display screen is a touch screen, if not why not?

New product launch provides the solution

This is the next generation games from our manufacturer that has raised the bar for new play ideas and designs. This new game, will no doubt be fun and totally absorbing for both old and young but will test and improve reaction times. It combines the best of a fairground game with the fun and interaction of a modern day, hi tech electronic play panel.

A sample of suitable products from our large range;-

Fairground Whack Attack Electronic Panel TFA007150

The Shooting Gallery game it is easy to follow, easy to play, VERY addictive and has generated a lot of competitive amongst the team staff, trying to beat each other’s best scores.

See the youtube video click here:




Simon Says Electronic Panel TFA007006

Simon Says game, a random sequence of instructions some of which do not use “Simon Says” to catch you out!




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