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More than just a Toy Table ?

When considering providing engaging, fun and safe activities for your younger visitors to your commercial premises, whether in hospitals, dentists, doctors, travel agents, car showrooms, restaurants you want to ensure that you give the right image to all your customers.

Also what is provided must be safe, hygienic, able to be kept tidy ? Will that old box of toys be sufficient and convey the right image?  DEFINITELY NOT



Though it may be loosely termed a toy, a toy table or toy wall panel is far from just a toy, it should also be:-

  • a piece of furniture and be attractive with or without little visitors 
  • be safe – having had commercial testing to confirm this, no sharp edges, have no lead paint and has no removable parts that could give rise to being a choking hazard
  • be easy to clean and keep tidy, with no loose parts to pick up thereby not presenting a trip hazard
  • offer engagement and time consuming activities
  • suitable for the right age group and need minimal supervision
  • can be secured to the floor or wall and have little or no maintenance, and for us unfortunately it will last for years !
  • offers shapes, primary colours and texture to give sensory perceptions
  • will give an element of key stage learning whilst being fun
  • robust yet affordable for your business.


Often business owners have the right intention to provide toys however they overlook the need to keep them clean and to inspect them regularly for damage – the solution is a toy table or toy wall panel for their younger visitors as this looks pleasing on the eye to other visitors and has all the advantages of being hygienic and safe with no trip or choking hazard.

A small activity table, activity wall panel or activity cube supplied by ourselves for waiting rooms can give years of use and give all your customers a great view on the level of customer service of your business and it’s family friendly, clean and safe environment.

Over the past year, we have monitored the numerous comments, complaints and bad feelings written on numerous tweets on Twitter and other social media.  On average about 10 every day broadcast a bad image for a business due to broken and dirty toys in waiting areas. In contrast, there a growing number of positive tweets, that mention seeing children quietly enjoying and interacting with the right activity toy tables in often very stressful waiting room environments, a pleasure for all to see.


Which image is your business giving and being commented on without your knowledge,

a) No children’s activities at all in your waiting areas, perhaps not being family friendly business, not caring ?

b) Old toys, soft toys or lego bricks in the waiting area, creating noisy, messy environments that are dirty and a risk to children and visitors ?


c) A bright, well laid out waiting room, with colourfull, fun, engaging, clean and safe activity tables, wall panels that gives a family friendly, caring, a considerate business impression that soothes  visitors whilst waiting and would consider coming back, again and again?


So take a look at your waiting areas and showrooms, consider the view from families and younger visitors and don’t just think, toy table, think, engaging, safe commercial graded activity toy table or wall panels.

For more information please contact: Jane Blackmore, at Toys for Time Ltd, Tel 01359 231154

Toys for Time Limited, supply the largest range of Activity Toy Tables, Activity Cubes, Activity toy wall panels and furniture to create that great showroom, waiting room environment.

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